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Laboratory Animal Technician Training Manual

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The University of Rochester Manual On The Responsible Care And Use f Laboratory Animals guides researchers through existing regulations and instructs personnel about humane methods of animal maintenance and experimentation.

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  • Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.
  • Comfortable quarters for cattle in research institutions.
  • Freedom of Information Act. Smith HM, Perdue KA.
  • Todd A Jackson named director of Animal Resource Program.
  • Only official DLAM animal order forms will be accepted.
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  • An Animal Care and Use Protocol must be approved prior toordering animals.
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Provides care for laboratory animals and their environment through animal husbandry.

DLAM will remove mice from overcrowded cages if the investigator has not done so by the day following notification.

9 Signs You're a Laboratory Animal Technician Training Manual Expert

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