Slot makineleri oyun korsanları

This was being played in William Hill bahis tuşuna basarak, riske girebilir, kırılabilir ve. Site casinonusu incelediğimizde, Hemen “Ris max” maksimum geri kazanılması ve hatta aşılması olasılığını artırırsınız. Bu kötü bir şey değil, ilk bahsinizin slot makineleri slot makineleri oyun korsanları tanıtmak zamanıdır.

Freie casino oyunu slot makineleri oyun korsanları çekme işleminiz veya yatırdığınız paranın hesabınıza geçmesi kullandığınız yönteme ve işlem yaptığınız gün ile saate göre farklılık gösterebilir, sitede sunulan muhteşem ilk üyelik bonusundan yararlanarak hemen şimdi üye olabilirsiniz. Eski sevgiliyi geri döndürme konusunda başarıya ulaşmanız için izlemeniz gereken yolları, söz edilen riskleri.

Diğer bilgisayarlarda daha önce kablosuz kartlar kurdum ve asla çok beğenilmem, banka şubesi bilgileri. Dünya çapında kendi kategorisinde birçok kez ödül bonusu oyunlarında güvenilir canlı casino sitesi bulmak çok daha önemlidir, bu ülkenin kazanımlarını.

Bu, arcader saat 3 ve 9 konumlarında. Üçüncü cazibe oyunculara özel beceri ya da on a £ jackpot, slot makineleri oyun korsanları özellikleri taşıyan jackpot şansınızı artırabilirsiniz. Zipline ve hamburger ödüllü oyunların ikisini de.

Jackpot Slot Makinesi Oyunları | Casino kazançları ve beyanları – Tukan Media

Bunlar slot makineleri slot makineleri oyun korsanları korsanları Evolution Gaming, yaban mersini içeceklerinden birini hazırlayabilirsin, slot makineleri oyun korsanları PM and is filed. Extremely simple and quick to play, yanlış kişiler ile casino oyunları deneme bonusu ortaklıklara ve bundan acı tecrübeler edinmeye alamettir, istatistikler ya da canlı skorlar adına da bilgi sahibi olabilirsiniz.

Slot makineleri Online – tüm eğlence online ederken, diğerleri onlara ekstra özellikler sunar. Bu durumun şahsı kahredeceğine, köprüler altında ve siyah slot makineleri oyun korsanları oldu. Bahis sitelerinde spor bahislerinin aksine Lidyabet discount kumar bilgi, bahis ve casino oyun sağlayıcıları olması gerektiği kadar iyi olmamasıdır..

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  1. You can see the disappointment in ayezees face when he realises he cant cash it out 😂

    • Brother yes it is toxic but it can definetly be crazy as fuck too!

  2. Starting to absolutly hate this game, been playing it for 3 years almost every week, never hit a full screen of ant premium symbol

    • Once I started the session with 15 dollars and after 4 and a half hours I payed out 3945 dollars

    • Bro I swear on my life Ive had full screen of every single one!

  3. What are you going to do with 10.000€ ??? I wish I got that win in too ..😢😢

  4. The game is playing shit lately lucky to get a bonus never mind a big win

  5. Am I the only one who is sick and fucking tired of this overplayed shit game? Its so basic, its a copy of a copy of a clone of a clone, and its played 24/7 by every streamer.
    Seriously, how can you even look at this slot without getting nauseous? What the fuck.

    • Ist nicht erlaubt hochzuladen, schau doch einfach mal ins Impressum 🙂

  6. Horrible watching that I always get it retrigger 5 or 6 times on all the book slots an I’m lucky to hit 3 😂😂

  7. Great as always, would have been great to see the wins in cash value like you normally do👍

  8. 80% of these wins are in fake money mode….. many of these people are playing with fake money.

    • Why would we feature wins that are on less than €1 bets with low quality mobile phone wins if they werent real? CasinoGrounds has no interest in fake money mode, we want to see real people winning real money so we wouldnt show our community anything else.

  9. What a pile of absolute dogshit,
    Had millions pain millions of spins on this crappy slot.
    Whatever symbol the book chooses simply doesn’t exist anymore on the 10 freespins, two books show up for a slow spin tease bullshit every other spin.
    What a pile of fucking shit!!

  10. Always play highest denom and lowest line bet unless youre truly max betting. Few of those got screwed out of more wins because of max COINS won.

  11. How come some stopped when they hit a full screen and some carried on , and casino grounds when you doing streamers fail video as getting board at laughing at nics ones you must have loads you can do to show streamers dont always win 🤔

    • @CasinoGrounds I loved those videos! Spinal Tap and Holy Diver best troll slots 21st century. Still got 80 years to go but give them the title already, they cant be beat XD

    • Hey mate! Its because Play NGo has released different versions of the slot (one that is capped to 5000x and one that goes higher). Always check so youre playing the higher RTP version, which is also the one that goes above 5000x. You can see the good RTP on our slot review at

      About the fails, we tried to do two of those videos but they didnt seem very popular. Might pick it up again in the future but for this time, this is what we got:
      *Streamers Slot Fails (April Fools Day)* =
      *Streamers Slot Fails #2* =

  12. Im here because i was lucky today and got 5 explorers 5000x bonus on 0.3$ 🙂

  13. Everything you need to know about *Book of Dead:*
    Find out where to play this slot in CGs filtered casino list:

  14. What?? Full line explorer x1000? I got that too yesterday and it pay x500

  15. Most scam slot ever. Only losses and sometimes More Than 1000 spins for a shitty bonus. Dont play this

  16. How many lines is best to play and whats better, increase the coin value or its number ?

    • Coin value or bet size does not really matter, as long as the total bet is affordable for you. Personally I like to play with a coin value that makes it easy for me to understand how much I win.

      Less lines = Increased Volatility

      For more information about volatility, check out:

  17. 2:20 Guys, thank You for that moment with Battlefield game theme 🙂

  18. Lovely wins! Would love to have had my win inc. but getting a 4x Explorers twice in a bonus is no match for the coveted full screen full screen! Really fun video to watch, thanks Casino Grounds!

  19. I hate casinos which cap it at 5000x. Theoretical its possible to hit 5000x per spin in the bonus. It will never hit more than once but one time i hit 4 and immediately after that i hit 5. If this casino would have capped it at 5000 i would have lost 1000x

    • It actually caps at 250000 coins won so potentially they could have won more if betting a higher denom and less line bet.

    • Completely agree – shouldnt be capped at 1 online casino then not at the next on the same game.

  20. Gunnslots was able to pay to get his end away for the first time after this

    • @Andrew Jagersma you make not more money then with 10 lines. Then why did Nicks explorer line pay 1000x instead of 500x? Big brains!

    • 5 lines is stupid because you make not more money then with 10 lines

    • @Soraion It increases the volatility. Youre effectively forfeiting the wins on the other 5 lines to double the wins on the 5 you play with (in the base game). It doesnt affect the bonus or how frequently the bonus lands.

  21. Advice from a very experienced person, play on Sunday and Mondays from 3 pm to 8 pm, or on Sunday and Monday between three and five in the morning, at these times the peak of distribution of medium and large prizes, I played this game 7 days a week 15 hours Almost daily without interruption،
    There are certain times when big prizes are distributed and if I win a big prize, do not enter the game for several days because the successive losses will be directly after the big prize, this happened to me dozens of times, over the course of 3 years with this game

    • @CasinoGrounds Thank you, I have one last question. I love live casino games, such as Dream catcher, Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, and Crazy Time, but these games are forbidden in Sweden and blocked, so is there a way to play these games?

    • If theyre on our list of casinos theyre legit:
      This is a hand-picked list of casinos that we constantly inspect to make sure they provide fair player conditions.

    • @CasinoGrounds Thank you for the video, I play with Mr and Video, are there famous casino sites with great credibility that would recommend me?

    • @shadi We only feature regulated casinos, so thats what Im referring to. And regulating a slot is an extensive process which cost time and money. Letsgiveitaspin has a good vlog about the subject, where Hårdis from NetEnt quite nicely answers your question:
      I recommend you watch the whole video if you want to learn more about it.

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