• Some of the commenters here.. Alamak.. Lighten up la.. He joked about every race and religion.. 1st time hear Q-Mar meh

  • the joke about plus size people and calling them “fatty” is totally disrespectful and unacceptable. Tbh these jokes would probably fit in like in the 1990 era back when insensitivity was a trend

    • @9razzler9 i understand what youre saying but if this comedy was to applied in the now, the punch to talk about “thick sizes” is on a diff level as compared to this.

    • it is not what you say but how you say it that matters. this is obviously a comedy skit. if you cant take a little insult as a joke, then watch something else. cat videos prolly?

    • if the comedian makes fun of one group of people, then yes its insensitive. if they attack everyone, then its on equal playing field

  • dontlah degrade indian gods on ur show…indian religion is one of the olderst religion in the world.can u do the same fr muslim critian and chiness gods in public i callengge u??
    u wanna talk abaut ur gayism,rasict watever carry on we all enjoying it because that is the reality now.but when comes to gods,thts a sentimental things fr people. its their believe.dont joke on peoples believe.

  • Kumar you deserve much greater recognition, youre so talented, original and authentic. Love from Australia 🌹

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