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106 thoughts on “Indir eksi casino dobrynin”

  1. Hes teaching force and law of motion😂😂😂 that reminded me that i have an exam tomorrow 😬

  2. I couldn’t say I need a mother like her since it’s too late
    But I’m praying for a mother in law

  3. I cant stand this anymore,whenever the girl do cringey things i felt like im the one who feel embarrassed lol

  4. Please upload all episode in Hindi language please Sir please a humble request

  5. Ohhh god the second hand embarrassment in this drama .she acted really well she even made me embarrassed

  6. The mom is soooooo AWESOME!

  7. Was he playing that song from the movie Once on the guitar at the beach? The song Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová?? Anyone know what Im talking about? (Time stamp -30:25)

  8. Tu es trop collante ,laisse lui respirer , j espere dans ta vie reel tu n ai pas collante mademoiselle 😅🤣👍

  9. Hyun Joong playing Falling slowly 😍😍😍 Just wow😍😍❤💚

  10. He was literally jealous and didnt eat his food 😖😲😲😲😂😂

  11. lmao am literally rolling rn 34:40 scence got me dead asf he stupid how the hell can you drop a lighter in a gas tank i laugh so hard i almost peed he looked like a dead man walking lol and yes am watching in 2021 first time watching thou although its from 2012
    wait is seung jo jealous lmaoo

  12. I am here for jihoo and only him bcz after boys over flowers i started to love his looks

  13. I dont understand Korean 😟.,.It would have been better if it was written in English below 😢😥

  14. I think mother took the wrong baby in the hospital.Her real child is O Ha Ni 😂😂😂

  15. To think Im still watching this up until now…😣I so love this kdrama

  16. Que pena que en viki no este la segunda temporada, o yo no la encuentro🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  17. Oh, wow. the CC dont seem to know who is talking and just put out the words any old place. Takes away the desire to watch. But… I do like their refridgerator.

  18. Aquí Bakgs seu seporto como un verdadero Príncipe va arrescatar a su Julietta

  19. Mom is the best character, I love her shes halariously scheming and beautiful what a funny character

  20. i cant be the only one that was dead at 27:49 the way baek seung jo was running had me evaperated😂

  21. I love how baek seung jos mom ship them and wants to see them together

  22. Quien más quiere golpear al chico que está obsesionado con el amor de oh ani xD like si quieres golpearlo
    👇 :v

  23. Eun Jo is so rude, but I love that he starts to sort of care for Han Ni

  24. They are si beautiful😍😍😍especially oh ha ni and baek seung jo👍👍

  25. I love them all the big son more I love him is so cute🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😍

  26. Shes really annoying! Its funny once, twice … but all the time? No way! (he is totally right about the intelligence of her character) … but the acting game, grade 10!

  27. Maboti Yan Kong kayo oki in joy Kim fans honest niver silos oki God luck bagay kayo ni game oki

  28. Görüntü kalitesinin en iyi olduğu yer burası ama buradada alt yazı geç geliyor 🙁

  29. Me gusta el curso o grupo 7 las amigas de Ha Nya la protagonista y la mamá del protagonista me hacen reír, no me gusta es no le dejo comer el huevito y lo boto 😞👍 y ya dijo que cocinar un huevo tocaba ser inteligente uhhhh si 🤭🤭🤭🌹😘🤭👍👍

  30. Hahaha i like the fact that hani had troubled him a lot since high school, but he eventually fell in love with her

  31. Me encanta este dorama, la historia y mi hermoso Hyun Joong, excelente

  32. The cringe is unbearable but I still like this drama. It has something different.

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