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  1. Awesome, just reminds me of a simpler time! Felt good watching, thanks!

  2. Absolutely loved watching this. We arrived in St Pete from Philadelphia 3 years later, and then moved to St Pete Beach after that. Had my senior prom at the Don CeSar (that big pink palace hotel). My mom and sister still live there but it sure has changed. No more famous green benches downtown…and Johns Pass is unrecognizable. Thanks for the smiles!

  3. We moved here in 67 and bought the Playtime manor hotel on 4 th street. My grandmother bought the hotel next to us called the Welcome inn my cousin bought the next hotel grew up in the 70s The porpoise pub in Seminole was my favorite the kids playground in back they kept ( amazingly) porpoises in an above ground swimming pool They had a giraffe and train tracks and a two story house made of only studs a sail boat in concrete. Parents could drink beer when we all played. I used to go hunting in weedon island walk across 4 th street with a bow to the woods where the St Lewis cardinal training field was. Schools we had no AC ( 54 th Avenue elementary what a hot box 😂. Webb city Golden tiger restaurant The mismanaged million dollar pier Fishing . Twin lakes party’s. :/

    • @Lisa Clark I’ve prob met you back then. That place had so much magic ( torture for the dolphin ) but not many realized that back when. My fav was the two story wood stud fort and the sail boat in the concrete that’s what kids like. The little train was fun but i think they shut that down earlier.

    • I started to go to the Porpoise Pub when I was 9 around 77 and there was a seal in the pool out front named Snoopy (it died from poison. Bush Gardens tried to save him). There was still a playground but the only animals left were a deer named Bambi and some birds. Me and my brother went every Saturday morning so my stepfather could clean as his cousin managed it. We played the jukebox, air hockey, pinball and pool. All the old timers would feed us quarters to stay out of their hair. At one point they layed concrete for a small expansion in the kitchen so me and my brother put our handprints in. They were still there when it burned down. RIP

    • Duke of Haas Yup to all those restaurants What about Golden Tiger on 9 th st and 62 nd And the Gondolla on 4 st Ponderosa on 4 st with the 99 cent cheeseburger plate. My Fav place was porpoise pub they used to have the little elevated train track i think they had giraffe which was at your level. The two story house of studs with cannons. The sail boat top in the concrete i never got to go to fishing event but i do recall it ! That poor porpoise swimming in that dark water they looked happy . The was the start of the rights for animal movement taking that down.

    • jason suhadolnik Its still exists as a vibration intact Somewhere just as we al remember it. Just as your bedroom is not there after you walk out. Unless its observed by consciousness. Or the really bazar reality A CCTV cam holds the reality in a stationery phase lock The dbl slit experiment proves it. When we all pass from this dimension we can all return back to any memory in space / time its just as real as this reality that belongs to all of us as a simulation But thats reduced to that We are all only one being. That most mind boggling part.

  4. Born in 67 and have lived in fl since 72 and this was such a great little film and reminder. I still live a couple of miles away from Sunken Gardens. I grew up in Largo very close to Indian Rocks. Tiki, blast from the past!! 😉

  5. Oh! The Kingfish, Tiki Garden, St. Pete Beach, all the lost world of my youth. Thank you!

    • @Javier M Dropped acid there around 1986 or so…A very memorable day…

    • Don’t forget playing at the porpoise pub in Seminole the most magical place in 70s while your parents guzzled beer lol.

    • To think its been in a closet for the last 35 years ;).
      Happy you enjoyed it.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I used to go to The KIngfish to eat, loved Tiki Gardens, The Bounty from the movie and especially The Wax Museum on St. Pete Beach. I cried when it closed. Disney World drove most of the nice places out of business.

    • I agree; In some respects it was a better place to love back then. Silas Dents restaurant was right next to The Wax Museum and I just read that it was sold on Aug 1, 2018. There were a lot of cool places to visit back then but they are all gone. They have been replaced by generic attractions.

    • I remember the wax museum, I think it was down on St Pete Beach down by The Dolphin (which is still there). I went there with my parents back in 72 or 73 along with the Tiki Gardens. Dirty Pair, you are right; Disney knocked a lot of the old Florida roadside attractions out of business and the Interstates did their part as well. I really feel that the Suncoast and FL in general was a better place to live back then. God I miss those times!

    • Thanks for the reply. Seeing your video just brought back so many memories that I had to comment. Your Grandfather most have been a wonderful guy. Glad that you have this to remember him and stuff that he did. Tiki Gardens actually sold a vinyl album of the music they played and I have seen it for sale on ebay. Someone posted the album here on youtube to play. Thanks again.

    • My pleasure! Tiki gardens I visited as a kid, thought it was super cool back in the 80’s.

      Big reason I shared this stuff is to connect this place to individuals like yourself who have a connection to it. Being able to see it even briefly again for the first time in years is pretty cool.

  7. Wow, the memories came rushing back. Im also surprised Webbs City wasnt included. It was fun to see the old Johns Pass Bridge again. I spent many a happy summer night there snook fishing as a teen.

    • Music gives it atmosphere, understandable you might not appreciate that, the option to mute it is one click away, perhaps exercising that. Less strokes than typing the comment thats for sure ;).

  8. I grew up in St. Pete. Loved the video. Hate what they have done to my hometown. I usually go back and am so irritated that I need to leave.

    • Robert M. Lewis Give credit to all the minorities that actually built up old st pete but were never allowed to enjoy it or live anywhere accept the rural southside.

    • You want it to go back to how blacks werent allowed anywhere downtown unless they worked a service job. You cannot stand that they can use any beach now right? You probably called slaves unpaid laborers just like the city officials still call them on their history section on the St. pete website
      Im glad your generation is dying off.

    • Wow, ya I can see why that would bother you.Thanks for the additional iinfo.

    • My family moved there in 1923. That meant that my family was involved in a lot of the building projects that made it a tourist destination. Now, many of the landmarks are gone, replaced with high rise apartments. I grew up jokingly referring to it as the City of the Living Dead, now it is a thoroughly trendy place and much of what made it precious is now gone. Frankly, it is just exactly what is happening all over. That is why I live in Nebraska now and only go back to St. Pete when I have to.

  9. Wow, Busch Gardens back when it was centered around the bird show, Sunken Gardens, the old Tiki Gardens out on Indian Rocks/Shores Beach, Cypress gardens with the Southern Belles and the water ski show,…….. Brings back a lot of memories for me as I grew up in Temple Terrace back in the 70s…… Thanks for posting!

  10. Went on vacation there with my mom, dad and little sister (August 1966). Stayed at the Port O’ Call Resort on Tierra Verde Island. Ate at the Kingfish. Went to the wax museum. Deep sea fishing at Hubbard’s Pier (when it was at Pass-a-Grille). It was my first trip to Florida.

  11. I was 10 in 1966, and born at Mound park hospital 56 and grew up in Pinellas park…thanks for taking me back to a better time

    • My pleasure! Happy you were able to connect to the footage. My intention was to hopefully give people like yourself a little glimpse back in time. Much better than sitting in a dark closet 😉

  12. I left St. Pete in 1966 to go to the Air Force, returned in 1970 and it had changed. Never felt the same again.

    • I left in 1970, just to visit a friend. Never went back home. The changes were, and continue to be, a real heartbreaker. Thanks for the video!

  13. Nobody ever mentions Webb City I went to place when I was little called nature trail too all were in St Petersburg my grandpa lived there in the 50s

    • @Bryan Brethauer they also had animals that would dance and play basketball for a piece of corn chickens and rabbits I got lost in this room my mother left me I was scared she wouldnt find me

    • Yes Me too. Remember the Mermade show at Web City. Grandma took me all the time. Gas Wars and free botteled Coke a cola with a fill up given with S&H Green Stamps too. We moved there in1962 when my Grandparents retired I was 8 months Old then. Wow am I that old? Time sure have changed. Im starting sound like my grand parents. LOL

    • My parents would take me to webbs city and nature trail and every Christmas we would go to webbs city to see santa and then to Doc webbs home to see all the Christmas lights

  14. OOOOMMMMGGGG I was 5 years old in St. Pete when this made. WOW I been to every place in the film at the same time. Dusted off all those old memories…Sadly all of our old pictures are gone my dad made movies like that one too. Day trips too …all the old spots…Daytona Beach…Miami Beach…Nassau Bahamas I wish we still had them what a time it was too. Thank you so much for putting that on line…I want to cry. Good Tears.

  15. I love this! Moved to Largo in 1963 when I was 3. This is exactly what I remember from my younger years.

  16. Loved this… The old Johns Pass bridge – AMAZING…. I lived on the Madeira side…, in the Angler Haven, just west of Shanty Hogans… Thank you for uploading this.

  17. This is a gem. Thank you! Hardly anyone remembers Tiki Gardens but it was one of my favorite places as a child.

    • Mine too! We went a few times when I was young. It was just down the street from where we would rent a condo a few weeks each summer. I barely remember it, but loved the vibe as a kid for sure!

  18. Oh my gosh! I was born and raised in St. Pete. and lived there until I was in my 20s then moved only slightly north but in the same county for most of my life. This was such a cool blast from the past! So much has changed and it was so cool to see the sights I used to see almost every day or at least once a week! Thank you for posting this!!

    • Well my heart goes out to you Tracie. Weather the storm as best you can. Take care of yourself.

    • @Mark Holtze Well I really do want to thank you! I had a very tough life as a child but there were moments and places that I was very fond of and you showed quite a few of them! Ive been currently dealing with some of the bad things that happened back then it helped me to bring back some happy memories. 🙂

    • Hi Tracie! What a wonderful comment, made my day. So glad the images connected with you! It was 100% my intention to hopefully get some sort of connection here.

      Images back then of younger years aren’t nearly as abundant as today

    • My pleasure. I know its not grand and cinematic but I always love seeing what places looked like long ago. Seems Im not the only one. Its nice to be able to share it and get it out of a closet 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  19. Awesome film. Having been here in St. Pete since 76 saw a lot that was familiar from the way back machine, and make that were here.. and now gone. Some like the Don.. still here. but there is huge build up on all sides of it now.

    • @Duke of Haas Right?! Me too! People would tell me youre only native Ive ever met!

    • George R: As a rare native of St. Petersburg, did you ever get tired of answering the question But where are you originally from? Frustrated, I often responded by saying, you see that hospital over there? It has something called a maternity ward. People are actually born here! I was born in Mound Park Hospital, now called Bayfront Medical (dating myself here).

  20. This is fun stuff. It appears that he may have flown into TAMPAs AIRPORT (now an International Airport; I dont know if it was so back then…). But theres not just St. Pete that we see here: we see a lot of CYPRESS GARDENS (in Winter Haven, FL.), which is now called LEGO-LAND!! Winter Haven is about 45 minutes away from Orlando to the North East and the same distance from Tampa to the South West.

    • Big reason why i shared these was for that exact reason. its cool for me to see places that Im familiar with in modern times, but I think the magic really lies with how the images connect with people such as your self who experienced these places back then. The whole 8mm format looks like a memory which only ads to it.

      Thanks for watching Javier!

    • Not a problem! Youre welcome. I only mentioned it because this all also harks back to my own adolescent years when my Family moved from Puerto Rico to Tampa — and we visited all those places many times!! MANY, many times. Ive now been in Los Angeles for 29 years. So imagine the Flashbacks for me! And this was a great one!

  21. Im trying to figure out where those kids were skim-boarding. Anybody?

    • @InDaZone I think it is the Spa Beach, as we called it back then. I was born in St. Pete in 1948 and lived there until 1984.

    • Since the video says St Petersburg but some of the film shows areas that are not located in St. Petersburg Im not sure. St. Petersburg Beach is its own city just like Madeira beach but they are part of pinellas county. The beach shown right before the kids looks very similar to what is Northshore Beach today. Also there was Spa Beach next to the Pier. Im a native of St. Pete but I wasnt born till 75 so its very interesting to see what my city looked like way back then.

  22. Thank you, Mark, for a wonderful and nostalgic look back at Floridas west coast during the mid-60s. Your Great Grandpa was certainly a man of distinction who was wise enough to explore the sub-tropical resorts unique to central Florida. He captured on film the pre-Disney glory days of Floridas more casual coast, one filled with mom and pop motels, restaurants, gift shops and roadway attractions now long gone.

  23. I believe that bridge is the bridge that is treasure island and sunset Beach going over to St Pete Beach 🤔 I miss it

  24. I visited in March and April 1966 as an eleven year old. We stayed in Treasure Island and Indian Rocks. The movie is just how I remembered it. Thanks for sharing


    • It was super cool for me to see it because my family went there pretty much ever summer through the 80s. Seeing how it was blew me away. I figured if it hit me like this its got to impact others out there! 🙂

  25. Sunken Gardens is still there…and if you havent been lately, it looks beautiful..we were just there and history is important to the people of StPetersburg who voted to tax theirselves a one time tax and buy it in 1999, and the city is doing a great job of running it for 20 years making it beautiful and preserving the history..thanks for the video it was husbands grandfather started it in 1903..Great explorations is next door in the same building
    Which is great fun for the children..So, we are proud that in your film, Sunken Gardens is still there even though most of the others are was called Turners Sunken Garden in the beginning..if you haven’t been lately, you should go..,

    • Thank you so much for the additional info! 1903!! Wow, I cant even imagine what it would have looked like then.

    • My pleasure…Im constantly surprised at what Im finding going through these reels. Happy to share them.

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